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“Since transitioning to virtual programming fully with Presence, engagement to our events has tripled!”
— Marquece Holifield, Associate Director of Student Engagement at National Louis University

Experiences That are Better Together, at a Distance

Higher Education is leading the way in adapting to life apart. Virtual programming has opened up new paths for students to stay connected and engaged, creating greater trust and loyalty for their institution. We know how important this is in driving retention and graduation rates, and that’s why we created a tool to set your students up for success.

Engagement That’s Rooted in Community, Not On Campus

Institutions across the country are proving that it’s people that bring people together, not just campuses. We’re seeing our partners engage more non-traditional students than ever because they’ve created a community that is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. We’re here to power those communities.

Create A Virtual Community
“We'll see an acceleration in acceptance of more virtual learning opportunities than we've ever seen before and leveraging the high-quality learning opportunities that can occur online.” — Kevin Kruger, President of NASPA

Our Approach

Create and Advertise All Your Virtual Events and Experiences
Curate an On-Demand Catalogue of
All Your Virtual Content
Online Orientation That Lets Students Choose Their Own Adventure
Automatically Track Virtual
Simplify and Automate Online
Processes Using Digital Forms
Gamify Virtual Engagement with
Points and Giveaways
Run Virtual Training, Quizzes,
Elections, Surveys, and More
Create Customizable Forms for Relief Funds to Support Your Students

Set Your Students Up For Success

Our team is made up of student affairs professionals who share your passion for student involvement. We believe in the power that data can have on improving persistence, increasing retention, and driving student success.

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"Even during the most stressful times, I can always rely on Presence to adapt and continue to help us engage our students, measure their learning, and ensure their success."
Vince Miller
Vice President of Student Affairs
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