Student Orientation

Connect the orientation experience with co-curricualar development.

Take Orientation Beyond a Checklist

With Presence, you can build out your entire orientation schedule, complete with tracks and electives, and let students choose their own adventures. You can even add incentives and points to gamify participation and motivate involvement. The process is completely automated so you won’t be bogged down with complicated processes. Instead, you’ll be tracking each student's progress from a birds-eye view and monitoring who is falling behind. The best part? You’re using the same tool from orientation to graduation!

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How Extended Orientation Programs Improve the Student Experience

Tools to help manage orientation:

Meaningful Experiences

Create orientation experiences that are on specific tracks or electives that students can sign-up for based on their interests.

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Automatic Buy-in

Every student has an account with Orientation loaded onto it, helping guide them to deeper involvement.

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Gamified Learning Pathways

Let your students chose their own path while incentivizing involvement with skills, points, and rewards.

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Learn how Presence can enhance your orientation

Book a personalized demo of the Presence platform. We’ll show you how our technology can help with co-curricular learning, student organization management, and gamification.

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