Gamify Student Involvement

Level up student participation and retention with gamification

Motivate students in high-impact practices and experiential learning

Utilize digital incentives, points, and levels to gamify involvement and keep students motivated, engaged, and aware of the connection between co-curricular involvement, learning, and workforce readiness.

Customized learning pathways set the end destination while allowing students to choose how they get there. Points are awarded for participation, and redeemed for whatever you determine (swag, priority room selection, etc.). Plus, with our unique smart transcripts, students can show off to employers what skills they've gained and how.

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How You Can Gamify Student Experiences to Level Up Engagement

Tools to gamify student involvement

High Impact Practices

Create meaningful experiences with learning outcomes in mind and gamify involvement

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Automated Pathways

Connect every opportunity and let the automated process handle the rest

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Interactive SmartTranscript

An interactive and engaging transcript that helps students tell their co-curricular story

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Learn how presence can gamify your students’ experience.

Book a personalized demo of the Presence platform. We’ll show you how our technology can help with co-curricular learning, student organization management, and gamification.

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