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More fun, less stress.

Using dynamic forms, sophisticated approval workflows operate behind the scenes to automate almost any process (think events, roster updates, travel forms, etc). Requests are sent to the right people at the right time, while students track the status of their applications from start to finish.

Create a clear and transparent environment by setting organization requirements within Presence. Mandatory training, minimum membership, required officers — measure all these and automatically notify staff and leaders in real-time.

When it comes to finances, you can count on us there, too! Request and allocate budgets, control access, approve and track expenditures and reconciliations, and import/export to keep data accurate across all your systems.

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Tools to help engage your student leaders

Active Requirements

Help students understand when they're in compliance or have work to do.

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Finance & Budget Management

From budget approval and allocation through to spending, reconciliation, and reporting.

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Digital Form Builder & Approvals

Any form, any process, any approval workflow. All with dynamic conditional logic.

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Learn how Presence can inspire your student leaders

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