The Ultimate COVID Campus Return Guide

63 COVID Challenges to Prepare for Returning Safely Back to Campus

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About The Ultimate COVID Campus Return Guide
There’s a lot to do before you can “open back up” — in order to maximize everyone’s safety, get students engaged again, and make your everyday processes run smoothly after many unexpected months away.

You may not know where to start. So, we put together a list of 63 challenges to consider. No, it’s not a list of 63 things that you personally — and you alone — must answer and prepare for. But before your institution puts its “open for business” sign out again, someone should carefully evaluate each of the questions below. And you, personally, can gain more confidence in the fall semester by helping to provide answers and solutions to at least a few.
What’s Inside
  • Student Programming Challenges & Ideas
  • Help with Maintaining Student Organizations
  • Advice for Supporting Students
  • Managing Office & Public Spaces
  • Health & Safety Tips

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