Student Leader Programming Guide

Help your student leaders take their programming to the next level with this handy guide.

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About the Handbook
Student leaders have a lot to balance between coursework, off-campus jobs, going to meetings, and coordinating campus programs.

With all of those competing priorities, it can be tough to put your game face on when it comes to hosting awesome, engaging campus programs.

We believe that skillful, empowered student leaders are essential to a healthy campus community. So, our resident student leader put together this e-book to share everything she’s learned with her peers.

Whether you’re an advisor or a student leader yourself, this guide will help ensure that your campus experiences are as engaging as possible. Ready, player one?
What’s Inside
  • Defining your personal and organizational missions
  • Essential components of creative brainstorming
  • A fool-proof planning timeline
  • Key techniques for improving decision-making skills

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