Looking Back and Looking In

Reflection Questions to Guide Co-Curricular Learning

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About The Guide:
Don't just settle for asking students "What did you learn?" or "How did you feel?" each and every time. These deeper, more specific questions will help you better guide students to reflect upon their learning development and, just as importantly, plan out their next steps and goals.

We've also organized the questions by category! So whether you'd like students to process their most recent community service experience, reflect on their overall leadership style, or evaluate the success of their student org meetings, we've got you covered. You can even print out copies of the guide for students to write in their reflections right there! We've left plenty of space.
What’s Inside
    • Why student reflection is critical to development
    • Printable reflection forms for every kind of student experience
    • Bonus follow-up questions for program planners & discussion leaders

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