Track Virtual Engagement Automatically

Integrate Your Zoom & Microsoft Teams Accounts for Automated Tracking

Effortless Tracking in a Digital World

Virtual programming has shifted from perk to prerequisite in higher education. And while streaming tools are great, tracking engagement is time-consuming and cumbersome. At Presence, we pioneered the ability to track engagement at scale, and now we’re doing it again — with an integration with Zoom and Teams to automatically track your virtual student engagement!

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Power Your Virtual Campus

Higher education is leading the way in adapting to life apart. Virtual programming has opened up new paths for students to stay connected and engaged, creating greater trust and loyalty for their institutions. We know how important this is in driving retention and graduation rates, and that’s why we created a tool to set your students up for success.

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Integrate with One-Click

No heavy lifting required! With just a few clicks, you can start tracking your virtual engagement through Zoom and Teams faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Embed Meeting Links

Simplify the joining process for your students by embedding your virtual meeting links directly in your event and program descriptions. Students can can easily see which programs are hosted online and join with the click of a button.

Automated Tracking

Rest easy knowing that as soon as your students enter your virtual meeting, they're checked-in! No links to click or QR codes to scan, no lists to copy and paste. Instead, focus your attention on what really matters: Your students.

Assess Demographics

How are fourth-year students engaging with your virtual programming? Now you can find out! Our digital check-in system automatically pulls in student demographic data. So you can continue to use the sophisticated Presence dashboards you've come to know and love.

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Tell The Story of Student Affairs with Virtual Data

Remove Barriers to Involvement

Don't let virtual programming create hurdles for students to get involved.

Focus on What's Important

Remove complicated and unnecessary processes that stop you from focusing on what's important: Your students.

Use Data to Tell the Story

Demonstrate the value of student affairs by using data to tell the story.

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