Targeted Polling

Quickly collect opinion data at check-in

Poll With Mobile Devices

Capture crucial opinion data as students check into events with Polls. Customize the audience, stack questions, and analyze results visually. Quick to make, and easy to answer.

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A Feature Of

Tracking Involvement with Mobile Devices

Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. With Presence, you can maximize data collection.

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Simply Create & Target

Creating polls is simple and fast: ask a question, provide answer options, then choose the audience, from attendees of specific events to every attendee campus-wide, and everywhere in between.

Built-in to CheckPoint

Poll questions pop up right after an ID is verified on the device running CheckPoint. Students read the question, tap an answer to submit, and enter the event. No action is needed from a student to participate.

Real-time Results

View responses as they come in. See statistics and data visualized graphically to quickly understand evolving trends.

Gather more data


Single or multiple-choice, answered with a finger tap at check-in.


Reach students across all your engagement points.


Visualize results in real time. Gain critical insights on student opinions.

See How Presence Helps You Gather More Data

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Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.