Service Hours

Automatically track service learning participation hour by hour

Track service learning hours

With the Checkpoint mobile app, simply swipe students into your event and they’ll automatically earn service hours — no signing off on timesheets or adding hours up by hand. Plus, foster stronger relationships with community partners by allowing them to submit service learning experiences for approval, eliminating the need for ongoing outreach between your organizations.

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Track Student Involvement

Keep track of and calculate the amount of time that students are giving back to their communities. Automatically apply it to their SmartTranscript. Rest easy knowing that service learning is being tracked accurately and comprehensively.

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Track hours

Assign a time value to each service learning experience or event and use Checkpoint to check students in, making the tracking of hours as easy as 1 + 1 = 2.

Connect to learning outcomes

Incorporate service learning into your learning outcome framework by assigning skills and levels to each experience.

Build community relationships

Foster relationships with community partners by allowing them to submit off-campus service learning experiences to your campus portal for approval.

Service learning tracking made simple

Automatically track hours

Using check-in technology, simply swipe to confirm attendance. No sign-in sheets required.

Build your skills

Automatically connect service learning with relevant skills to automate the earning of them.

Reflect and grow

We have to look back in order to plan for the future. Encourage students to reflect on their service with Presence's reflection tools.

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