Mobile Check-in Technology

Use smart devices to collect participant data in real-time

Mobile Check-In Technology that Goes Where You Go

Increase engagement by measuring and assessing student involvement across campus with CheckPoint. Swipe and scan existing student ID cards via phones and tablets to create a extensive attendance collection network, powered by the Cloud and integrated with SIS data.

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Tracking Involvement with Mobile Devices

Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. With Presence, you can maximize data collection.

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Swipe Magnetic Stripes

Record attendance in seconds, everywhere. Use unlimited free readers with your existing iOS and Android devices. Plug them into the headphone jack, and verify enrollment live via the CheckPoint mobile app.

Check-in With a Tap

Track event attendance without handing over student IDs. Presence can integrate with your existing contactless system so you can still get concrete data without changing behavior.

Scan Barcodes

Record attendance in seconds, everywhere. Scan ID barcodes with the camera on your smart device. Faster, easier, and verify enrollment live via the CheckPoint mobile app.

Digital ID

Connect ID cards with student smartphones and scan with CheckPoint.

Laptop Card Swipe

Augment mobile with swipe via the web on laptop/desktop computers and hybrid tablets (i.e. Surface Pro). Use recommended USB card readers to do the same live verification.

Manual Entry

Helpful for lost, forgotten, or empty ID cards: Enter a student ID number or email to verify enrollment and record entry.

Guest Check-in

Record guest‘s Name, Email, and Phone Number. Connect the same Polls (link) and Waivers (link) that students see for comprehensive check-in.

Secure Event Pins

Scale up your check-in forces easily with unique PIN numbers for each event. Enter the PIN and begin checking students in- no access to any other functionality.

Make Check-in Fast & Easy


Attendance records connected to existing student attribute data, in real-time.

Simple Readers

Built for iOS and Android, simply plug in and swipe.

Hugely Scalable

Use unlimited devices at unlimited events, simultaneously.

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