Digital Waivers

Collect signatures on mobile devices

Sign Digital Waivers On Mobile

Speed up event check-in by moving your paper waivers to the web. Students sign them with a finger right as they check into an event. Say goodbye to manilla folders and file cabinets.

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Tracking Involvement with Mobile Devices

Streamlining check-in with mobile devices makes it easy to focus on what matters. With Presence, focus on the experience.

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Fast & Reliable

Use your institution-approved legal language, easily creating waivers with a simple title and content in seconds. We’ll grab a signature and format them for you, ready to download, or store online indefinitely.

Connected with Student Data

Waivers pop up once CheckPoint verifies enrollment. Students are prompted to sign with their finger as they check in, and only if they haven’t signed that version before. Easily search and view signed waivers by student.


Keep signatures current. Presence knows when you’ve made a change, tracks revisions, and prompts students to sign the latest version.

Better waiver management


Manage signatures by student and waiver.


Signatures are collected as part of check-in.


Swipe, scroll, sign. In seconds.

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