Digital ID

Create mobile phone Student IDs

Your Student ID. On Your Mobile Device.

Enhance the check-in process with mobile smartphone Digital IDs. Setup is easy with student/card information automatically integrated. Complement existing card systems and embrace new faster technologies.

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A Feature Of

Tracking Involvement with Mobile Devices

Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. With Presence, you can maximize data collection.

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Simple Setup

Students download the app, enter their institution email address, quickly confirm, and they’re done. Nothing is needed from administrators.

Scan with CheckPoint

Digital ID works automatically with CheckPoint, adding another layer to scalable event check-in without any modification to your card system.

Verify with Pictures

Integrate existing ID pictures to be sure the Digital ID matches the student in front of you. Add extra verification to check-in.

Welcome future technology


Students check into events the same way they pay for lattes.

Easy Rollout

Quick to download, one-time setup.


Already connected to your student & card data, ready to roll out.

See How Presence Helps You Modernize Your Card System

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Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.