Track Student Involvement

Collect participation data with mobile devices to help you make better decisions.

Track Involvement with Mobile Devices

Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. By tracking student involvement with card swipe technology from Presence, you can speed up event check-in and maximize data collection.

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Real-Time Involvement Analytics

Visually identify trends, compare effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to better engagement, improving persistence and retention.

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Mobile Check-in Technology

Make better decisions with complete participation data. Using CheckPoint, deploy dozens of existing mobile devices, with free card readers, in tandem to ensure complete attendance tracking - from board meetings to concerts to orientation - all integrated with SIS data.

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Digital ID

Bring your IDs to mobile devices, without changing your systems. Allow students to link IDs to their phones, scannable with CheckPoint. Add another layer to check-in, and get around outdated card systems.

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Track Your Virtual Engagement

Integrate your Zoom and Teams accounts with Presence and automatically track attendance. Our platform connects directly with your student information system (SIS) so you can pull demographic reports to assess student trends and behaviors.

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Track Service Hours

Simply swipe students into your event and they’ll automatically earn service hours — no signing off on timesheets or adding hours by hand. Connect service learning opportunities to learning outcomes and automatically apply completed experiences to your SmartTranscripts.

Track Service Hours

Targeted Polling

Understand evolving student opinions by collecting data in seconds, right as students enter events. Multiple choice and layered, ask questions small and large to quickly gain powerful insights.

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Waiver Signing

Digitize the waiver signing process, saving time and avoiding physical storage. Attendees sign with a finger on mobile devices, right at the point of check-in. Verified, accurate, and timely.

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Integrated Analytics

Attendance data automatically syncs with enrollment information to give you real-time assessment visualizations, without any uploading or data entry. Make faster decisions with less work.

Assess Behaviors & Trends

Smart Devices Can Do Smart Things

Mobile Device Scanning

Swipe student IDs or scan barcodes on smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of not only WIFI, but LTE, 3G, and more.

Simple Card Readers

Card Readers that work for both iOS & Android devices. Simply plug in, and swipe.

Live Attendance Integration

Check-ins are synced with each event and organization in real-time. View attendance with demographics and contact participants in seconds.

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