User Access Control

Create and manage custom user roles and permissions

Complete Permission Management

Enable and expand access and participation with in-depth user management. Empower leaders with custom accounts, improve process workflows, and save time. With scalable accessibility to the features of Presence, you can entrust duties to the people responsible for them and structure your culture of engagement.

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Manage & Simplify Processes

Bring your clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online. Improve both management processes and student accessibility.

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User Creation

Make user accounts for student leaders, staff, faculty, and community members. Structure access by organization(s), categories, campus-wide, or restrict to view-only. Customize specific permission levels. Empower leaders to manage their user-bases.

Custom Roles

Delegate to and empower others with custom access to encourage adoption and increase efficiency. Define levels of access (to organizations, categories, campus-wide, view only, and even outside community members) and specific permissions such as creating, editing, removing, and granting access to others.

Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO)

Keep barriers to involvement low, integrating Presence accounts with institutional Single Sign-On authentication. Use industry standards like LDAP, SAML 2, and CAS. All students automatically have accounts meaning, no password creation and no sign-up. Simple.

Automatic Student Accounts

All students automatically have access to Presence, meaning no opt-in and no sign-up. Authentication can mirror their existing accounts, and if SSO is not supported, students can claim their pre-existing accounts and set their own passwords easily. Avoid barriers by eliminating sign-up.

Involvement Records

Keep track of participation automatically for each student. Records of organization membership, event attendance, signed waivers, etc are collected in real-time, and accessible when needed. Analyze engagement across demographics or by individual student.

Customizable User Account Creation and Management

Control Access

Structure responsibility and control over organizations and their functions.

Tough Security

Built on state of the art security standards and policies

Empower Leaders

Delegate access and responsibility to encourage ownership.

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