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Higher education is leading the way in adapting to life apart. Virtual programming has opened up new paths for students to stay connected and engaged, creating greater trust and loyalty for their institutions. We know how important this is in driving retention and graduation rates, and that’s why we created a tool to set your students up for success.

We've seen institutions like National Louis University triple their engagement by using Presence! Take a look below at the tools they used to make it happen.

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Presence Management

Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised.

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Move All Your Programming, Events, and Experiences Online

Create a central hub with customizable branding for all of your co-curricular activities, events, and forms. You can include links to live programming hosted on Zoom or Microsoft Teams and even embed videos from YouTube and beyond. The portal is designed as a direct path for uninvolved students to become super engaged, guided by a visually appealing and sleek design. Students can find and join organizations, add events to their calendars, and fill out forms in just a few clicks.

Bring Your Processes Digital

Streamline information collection and process management with a powerful drag & drop builder. Conditionals and logic enhance processes, the inbox simplifies workflows, and central advertisement on the web portal increases accessibility. Digitize every form — from expenditures to sign-ups, registrations to assessments.

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Virtual Involvement Fairs & Welcome Weeks

Not returning to your campus buildings this fall shouldn’t prevent your students from getting engaged in campus life. Presence can host all your virtual involvement fair activities — from meet-ups with students orgs and student life departments, through to advertising virtual events and leadership opportunities.

Online Orientation That Lets Students Choose Their Own Adventures

Build out your entire orientation schedule virtually, complete with tracks and electives, and let students chose their own adventures. You can even add incentives and points to gamify participation and motivate involvement. The process is completely automated so you won’t be bogged down with complicated processes. Instead, you’ll be tracking each student's progress from a birds-eye view and monitoring who is falling behind.

Host Open-License Content and Connect it to Learning

Now your students can engage with content anytime, anywhere. Host all your virtual events for download at any time in our on-demand library. Students can browse and stream programming at their own convenience. You can even attach reflection forms to assess and measure learning.

Automatically Track Virtual Attendance

Integrate your Zoom and Teams accounts with Presence and automatically track attendance. Our platform connects directly with your student information system (SIS) so you can pull sophisticated demographic reports to assess student trends and behaviors. Hosting events on campus? No problem! We have contactless check-in for that.

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Run Virtual Training, Quizzes, Elections, Surveys, and More

Using our drag and drop form builder, running virtual training, quizzes, and surveys is a breeze. Conditional logic only shows students what they need to see and automated workflows streamline the review processes. Run digital elections with simple nomination collection, customizable ballots, and anonymous voting. With digital processes this good, you’ll never see a piece of paper again.

Gamify Virtual Engagement with Points and Giveaways

Keep students motivated from start to finish by making sure they know just how much further they have to go to fulfill their desired competencies or skills. Offer points and incentives for completing experiences, and reward perseverance and progress by designing a reward program customized to your institution.

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Triple Your Engagement with Tools that Support Your Virtual Campus

A Complete Platform

From enrollment to graduation, Presence supports the entire student development journey from start to finish.

Low Barriers to Involvement

Designed for the uninvolved student, our platform removes the hurdles to engagement and fosters involvement from the first click.

Focused on User Experience

A platform that doesn't require a roadmap. Find what you're looking for and get to where you want to go with ease.

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