Organization Transitions

Keep student organizations on track and engaged year after year after year.

Organization Transitions

Automated and transparent organization transitions help new student leaders start the term with confidence and help student affairs professionals rest easy knowing that every phase of the process is automated and digitized, so nothing slips through the cracks. Implement deadlines based on organization type, customize what information you want updated, update rosters, and ensure that new leaders get the appropriate access to their organizations, all with the touch of a button.

If an organization is approaching their transition deadline, send them a reminder. Miss it entirely? You can deactivate them until they do what they need to.

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Organization & department management

Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing when and how student organizations transition. With Presence’s organization transition tools, you’ll never lose track of student organizations ever again.

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Support all your groups

We’ve made the leadership transition process hassle-free with our guided transitioning feature. Set up multiple, simultaneous workflows for different organization categories — fraternity & sorority life, student government, student-led clubs, and more. Do you have different timelines, requirements, and approvers for each club? No problem; we've got you covered!

Customize the process

Not all groups register in the same way, and our transition tools are built to handle the variety. Customize the processes you build to ask different questions and require different details for all the categories of groups you have. Is it an updated roster, refreshed bylaws, or a new meeting time and place? Something else entirely? Use default settings or tweak them to fit your institution.

Stay in the know

Organization leadership, advisors, and system administrators can keep a bird’s-eye view of their transition deadlines and current status. Easily notify and deactivate organizations in bulk from the centralized dashboard or check out an organization’s status right on their profile page. Plus, administrators can opt to receive email notification updates when organizations have fulfilled their transition requirements.

Pass the torch

With automated transition tools, student organization rosters and details are kept accurate. Never worry about removing old members and adding user accounts. You can trust Presence to ensure valid and accurate student organization data.

Transition Organizations with a Simple Click

Helpful set-up

Build your organization transition with our step-by-step guided process.

Fully customizable

What's important to you? Whatever it is, you can make it a requirement!

A fresh start

Let every organization start the new year with all the tools for success.

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