Active Requirements

Automated processes to keep student organizations active and meeting requirements.

Active Requirements

With organization management tools from Presence, student affairs professionals can clearly outline what organizations need to do to maintain their active status throughout the semester and year. Compliance is tough, but building rules right into the Presence system means they run themselves.

It's smooth digital sailing from here on out!

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Organization & department management

Keep student organizations up-to-date and on-track by simplifying and streamlining your management processes.

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Set a baseline

Manage compliance in real-time by establishing requirements that organizations must maintain in order to stay active. Set minimum membership, mandatory officer positions, and even events officers are required to attend. When these aren’t met, organizations are flagged instantly.

Be transparent

With built-in notifications that activate when organizations meet (or don’t meet) certain requirements, student organization leaders and their advisors should never be left guessing about their organization’s status.

Mischief, managed

When an organization isn’t meeting the requirements to stay active, administrators can send a warning and deactivate them until they fulfill the requirements again. Eliminate the mid-semester fizzle so that no one will ever slip through the administrative cracks again.

Let Active Requirements Take Care of Themselves

Clear requirements

Take a load off your plate with automated organization requirements.

Centralized management

Get a birds-eye view of all your organizations and whether they meet requirements..

Simple notification

Your students will immediately know if they need to take action to stay active.

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