Organization & Department Management

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Organization & Department Management

Empower organization leaders by centralizing the management and workflows of clubs, departments, societies, teams, and community groups. Standardize processes to expedite registration, simplify forms, manage documents and files, and make it easier for students to find opportunities and engage. Reduce barriers and increase involvement.

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Presence Management

Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised.

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Centralized Involvement Information

Structure and maintain organization data to save time, better facilitate processes, and increase accessibility. Store descriptions and information, meeting times and locations, create and manage digital Forms, public and private files and documents, and hosted events and programs in one easy-to-access place.

Automated Registration Process

Digitize and automate how clubs and organizations register, persist, and transition to drive leadership development and eliminate redundant processes. Define your workflow- customize what’s needed to form or maintain a club, who approves which pieces, and connect with other parts of Presence, like events, roles, and Forms.

Roster Management

Chronicle officer positions, advisors, and membership. Define roles, invite new members and approve incoming applications, communicate en masse. Monitor event participation. Import and export CSVs to integrate with other products.

Make Transitioning a Breeze

Improve organization longevity with simplified, centralized transitions. Use automation to ensure that organization leaders hand over the reins on-time. Student affairs professionals can set mandatory “transition by” dates, alert organizations who haven’t transitioned within the assigned time frame, and confirm that critical documents are at their most up-to-date.

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Get Active Stay Active

Ensure that student organizations stay strong year after year by implementing requirements for them to stay active. Require leadership transitions, roster updates, bylaws verification, leadership seminar attendance, or whatever works for your institution — the choice is yours. With Presence, organization-ending procrastination will be a thing of the past.

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Document & File Storage

Keep everything important in one place. Centralize important files online, associated with the relevant organization to improve continuity through semesters. Officers upload for their organizations and set visibility- private, or public and downloadable on their Portal page.

Unlimited Organizations

With custom categories and no restriction on number of organizations, you can include student clubs and societies, departments, greek organizations, sports teams, and external community organizations.

Student Web Portal

Unengaged students need a direct path to involvement opportunities- Reduce barriers with a public-facing web portal. Make it easy to find and join clubs, no profile needed. Integrated social media feeds, digital Forms like applications and expenditure requests, plus documents and files improve accessibility and drive interest.

Integrated User Control

All students have accounts, integrated with Single Sign-On authentication. Increase access with custom roles, control individual user levels and permissions, and facilitate management through Organization Registration. Unlimited accounts allow for complete control.

Encourage involvement with simple and accessible organization management

Branded Engagement

Increase involvement organically via web and mobile.

Automated Workflows

Build rules and structures to power registration and transition.

Central Database

Everything about organizations, in one place.

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