Connect campus experiences with learning outcomes, points, and reflections, all in one easy-to-use platform

Campus experiences that last a lifetime

Design the student experience with post-graduation success in mind using learning outcome frameworks, customizable pages, real-time progress tracking, and gamification. Improve experiential learning outcomes by standardizing and simplifying the management of your institution's co-curricular experiences.

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Manage & Simplify Processes

Implementing co-curricular frameworks doesn't need to be complicated. With Presence's tools, you can work with confidence.

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A page for everything

Intuitive drag-and-drop tools allow you to customize the layout and design of experience pages in minutes. No more time agonizing over creating posters or helping your student organizations advertise — it’s as easy as drag and drop, all in one place.

Design and cultivate meaningful experiences

From study abroad excursions to internships, from certifications to on-campus jobs, and student organization leadership roles to campus events and everything in-between, our students’ time at school is made up of life-changing experiences. Encourage them to dive right in with dynamic advertising tools and gamification.

Manage access

Use permissions to grant different administrative users access to experience creation and management, but keep a tab on things with simple approval workflows. Encourage community partners to get more involved with your students by allowing them to submit their own service learning opportunities for approval.

Measure and encourage learning

Assign skills and levels to each experience to track student learning outcomes and never let a learning opportunity pass you (or your students) by. Use automation to record and track skill attainment and help students know what they need to do to level up.

Designed with growth in mind

Highlight experiences

It's the easiest and most effective marketing channel you'll ever use.

Customize access

Restrict access to certain opportunities or simply manage who can edit certain forms or experiences.

Manage experiential learning

Use automation and standardization to strengthen your institution's co-curricular learning program.

Cultivate meaningful student experiences with Presence

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