Events & Approval

Create, approve, and manage campus programs and events

Events & Approval

Gain control, save time, and increase engagement on campus by centralizing your event processes with Presence. Develop custom workflows, integrate with existing technologies, empower student leaders and staff, and increase critical data collection- all while reducing paper usage and redundant processes.

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Manage & Simplify Processes

Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised.

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Standardized Event Details

Institute a central event creation and management process. Employ a universal event form for all co-curricular events. Collect standard fields, plus additional Presence functions like digital waivers, tags, imagery, and estimates and goals around attendance and cost. Specify rules and audiences, and streamline approval.

Custom Approval Workflows

Centralize and expedite the event management process to reduce time spent and increase accessibility. Customize event content and approval workflow. Grant access to student leaders, staff, and even community members. Integrate your process with softwares like EMS and 25Live to manage room reservations.

Improved Event Data

Include key information to drive better attendance and assessment. Tag events with custom attributes, like Food and Music, to increase visibility and expand analytic data. Attach Digital Waivers to speed up check-in. Include attendance goals, budget estimates and actual costs, plus other custom fields to capture important information through a simple process.

Mobile Attendance Collection

Integrated with Mobile Check-in Technology automatically, events made with Presence work with CheckPoint in real-time to allow attendance recording via mobile devices, connected with SIS data and Analytics.

Branded Web Portal and Mobile App

Simplify the promotion process with automatic advertising via a custom-branded mobile app and web portal. Make it easier for students to find interesting events through centralized, dedicated tools designed for the entire student body. Integrate events from Presence into existing campus calendars, apps, and web pages with JSON and WebCal feeds.

Increase visibility and attendance with event management

Same Time and Money

Standardize how events are created, approved, and advertized.

Gain Powerful Insights

Correlate participation and demographic data to visualize engagement.

Reach More Students

Advertise effectively with congruent branded tools.

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