Digital Form Builder and Custom Approvals

Drag and drop to digitize any campus form with workflows

Design forms to automate processes.

Our web-based digital forms were built to make your life easier and increase student involvement. Use custom workflows to eliminate response confusion while saving you time and money. It’s one simple change that makes a world of difference. Kiss your paper forms good-bye; you won’t be needing them anymore.

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Manage & Simplify Processes

Bring your student organizations, event management processes, and forms online to improve management, maintenance, and efficiency.

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Drag and Drop It Like It’s Hot

Digitizing forms is quick and easy thanks to drag-and-drop technology. Simple doesn’t mean simplistic — our digital forms come with advanced settings, conditional logic, customizable access levels, workflows, and beautiful custom layouts.

A Place for Everything

Store and manage your forms in one central management hub. It’s your one-stop-shop for organizing forms into categories, controlling access and sharability, and managing notifications.
You’ll never misplace a form again.

Pass It On

Students shouldn’t need a treasure map to find critical forms, and with our digital tools, they never will. Use branded links to share forms via email, social media, printed materials, or embedded in your own webpages. Make form submission so simple, you’ll run out of event seats before you can even design a poster.

Simply Logical

These forms just graduated with a degree in logic — conditional logic, that is. Customize which fields a user views based upon prior responses. Create custom response branches based upon who is submitting your form. It’s unconditionally magical.

A (Digital) Stamp of Approval

Define who approves certain form sections (and when they should). Document approval notes, press pause, make edits, and adjust the order of approvals. Instantly notify relevant approvers when a new form has been submitted thanks to dashboard and email notifications. Approve on the go, wherever you are.

Survey Away

Assess your students’ interests and the success of your events with simple, interconnected surveys. Gather qualitative and quantitative data to paint a more complete picture, and send surveys to only the relevant recipients.

Reporting Made Beautiful

Instantly analyze form responses in individual and summary views with built-in visual reporting. Segment, customize, and export results in multiple formats. Visually identify trends all across campus to improve experiences and efficiency.

Create and manage powerful custom forms.

Simple Creation

Drag and drop custom fields to make the form that’s perfect for you.

Powerfully Flexible

Customize to your heart’s content. Our forms will do the heavy lifting for you.

Improve Efficiency

Start planning what you’ll do with all of your newfound free time.

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