Digital Form Builder & Approvals

Drag & drop to digitize any campus form, and workflow

Design Forms & Automated Processes

Use web-based digital forms to improve processes and increase involvement. Overhaul how your campus collects and processes information: digitize every form, saving time and money, and improving access and workflow. Easier for staff and students to manage and access. Encourage more participation and engagement.

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Manage & Simplify Processes

Bring your clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online. Improve both management processes and student accessibility.

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Drag and Drop Forms Builder

Digitize any form, quickly and easily by dragging and dropping custom fields and groups, with custom settings. Completely customize layout, use advanced field types and settings, apply conditional logic, control access, and manage real-time workflow.

Central Management

Store and manage all forms in a central space. Organize forms into categories, control edit and approval access and sharing, and manage notifications. Create and manage templates for common processes, like registrations and expenditures. Increase accessibility for Users and students, and set up efficient workflows to save time.

Accessible & Shareable

Simple and easy for students and staff to access and respond. Share forms using branded links through email, social media, printed materials, and embedded on your own webpages. Increase transparency, reduce wasted time, and increase responses.

Conditionals & Logic

Structure form workflows based on inputs. Customize when Users can see fields and approve forms based on other fields and the type of person responding to your form, using conditional logic. Create custom flows for each user.

Custom Approval Workflows

Customize and automate the forms approval process, integrated with User roles and permissions. Flexible conditionals allow you to define who approves components, in specific orders, based on inputs like User role, organizations, and data. Document approval notes, press pause and adjust approval orders, and keep current with email notifications.

Powerful Integrated Fields

Connected with the rest of the Presence platform, forms have fields, values, and workflows that automatically pull from and affect organizations, events, budgets, and more. Approved forms can update membership rosters, change User accounts, inform elections, and more.

Surveys & Assessments

Gather deeper qualitative data using highly-customizable fields and logic. Build comprehensive assessments that connect with other Presence functions, like events and organizations. Send to event attendees, organization members, and view results with correlating data.

Statistical Data Reports & Exports

Measure and analyze form responses in individual and summary views. Charts and visuals help build a clear picture of response data. Segment, customize, and export results in multiple formats. Understand statistics and trends on assessments, expenditures, registrations, and more.

Powerful custom Forms creation and management

Simple Creation

Drag and drop custom fields to make every kind of form.

Powerful & Nimble

Customizable and intelligent, facilitate every layer of workflows.

Efficient Processes

Integrated and connected to Presence features and User permissions.

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