Manage and simplify your processes

with organization, event, form, finance, and user management

Manage Campus Entities

Bring your clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online. Improve both management processes and student accessibility. Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised. Integrated in one platform, Presence saves you time and money and makes student life better.

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Feature Highlight

Automate Form Approvals

Customize and automate the forms approval process, integrated with User roles and permissions.

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Organization & department management

Digitally manage campus organizations to increase participation, gather data, and expedite complicated processes. Clubs, departments, societies, and teams centralize their processes and workflows, registrations and transitions, and increase their presence on campus.

Organization Features

Events & approval

Manage events and programs in one central place. Streamline the workflow of submission and approval, integrate with room reservation system, and sync with campus calendars. Structure event data to enable better involvement tracking. Encourage more attendance and engagement by making it easier to find and host events with Presence Engage tools.

Event Features

Digital form builder & approvals

Streamline information collection and process management with a powerful drag & drop builder. Conditionals and logic enhance processes, the inbox simplifies workflows, and central advertisement on the web portal increases accessibility. Digitize every form - from expenditures to sign ups, registrations to assessments.

Forms Features

Campus experiences

Design the student experience with post-graduation success in mind using learning outcome frameworks, customizable pages, real-time progress tracking, and gamification. Improve experiential learning outcomes by standardizing and simplifying the management of your institution's co-curricular experiences.

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Finance & budget management

Give individuals ownership of budget lines and let them build out their own budgets within them. Allocate, spend, and reconcile all in one place. Automate who can access which budgets and when. Our finance tool is so easy to use, it’ll be love at first budget reconciliation.

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Power Your Virtual Campus

Virtual programming has opened up new paths for students to stay connected and engaged, creating greater trust and loyalty for their institutions. We know how important this is in driving retention and graduation rates, and that’s why we created a tool to set your students up for success.

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Users & permissions

Empower colleagues and leaders to manage and improve their organizations with comprehensive user control. Integrate with Single Sign-On authentication to make adoption easy. Manage specific roles and claims, permissions, and access.

User Features

Digital student life management for the modern institution

Central Management

Control every process and workflow with one tool.

Data & Metrics

Assess event, org, and form data, in real-time.

Automatic Advertising

Meet students where they are, web and mobile.

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