Mobile Events App

Reach students where they are

Mobile Events App

Reach students where they are- on phones and tablets. Institutional branding creates engagement organically. Events feed from Presence in real-time. Students search and filter to get quick access to the programming that interests them.

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Engage More Students

Reach students where they are - on web and mobile - with branded assets. Synced in real-time with Manage data, the portal and app make it easy for students to find and engage with the programs.

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Custom Branding

Institutional guidelines keep the student experience consistent. Presence uses your logo, icons, and colors. Students find their event app organically, through the App Store and Play Store. Maintain brand consistency and avoid pushing students into a product.

Native Calendar Integration

Students connect in-app events with their default calendars. Easily sync a Presence event to a mobile device with one click, and get an automatic reminder notification 1 hour before the event starts.

Filter, Sort, Segment

Students easily find the events they care about. Sort events based on active organizations, or customizable event attribute tags. Similar to popular technologies, a workflow adapted to modern student behavior enhances adoption.

Synced with Event Management

Event data feeds from Manage in real-time, freeing up wasted time and increasing consistency. Your app comes pre-built, part of Presence, and ready for use. Pair with the Portal for complete web advertising of student involvement opportunities.

Increase engagement with better mobile advertising


Presence maintains and updates for new technologies


Institutional name, icons, logos, pictures, and colors

Fast & Simple

Students find and book events in seconds

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