Master Calendar

Embeddable central calendaring for all your events

Master Calendar

Embed a Presence events calendar into your website for central advertising. Define access and visibility to include partner departments and control the student experience. Use event feeds to integrate with existing pages and apps.

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Engage More Students

Simplify how students find involvement opportunities to ensure effective advertisement, and increase engagement.

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Embeddable Central Calendar

Show campus life events on web pages using custom code (and help from our Happiness Experts). Students sort and filter by categories and tags to find what interests them. Events feed from Manage/Events/Presence in real-time.

User Access Control

Control user access to publish events, scaling up accessibility and decentralizing tedious tasks. Include any office on campus. Hide or restrict event visibility to certain audiences.

JSON/Webcal Feeds

Integrate events with other calendar services, mobile apps, and websites. Embed and integrate feeds to customize web pages and structure interaction. Link with campus calendars to increase visibility.

Create and control a campus events calendar

Save Time

One calendar for all Co-Curricular events.

Central Management

Control user access and permissions.


Show events in custom formats on existing pages.

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