Branded Web Portal

Every involvement opportunity in one place

Branded Web Portal

Always on and ready to engage students, the portal is a modern directory of involvement options. Open to prospective students and the public, it’s easy to find exciting things to do within seconds. Simplify the student experience by eliminating scattered and redundant information.

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Engage More Students

Simplify how students find involvement opportunities to ensure effective advertisement, and increase engagement. Reach students where they are - on web and mobile - with branded assets.

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Centralized Involvement Opportunities

The branded, simplified, direct source of the information students need to get involved with their campus community. Driven by Presence functionality, like Organizations, Events, and Forms, students find groups to join, events to sync with their calendars, and digital forms to submit- going from uninvolved to engaged in minutes.

Custom Institutional Branding

School colors, logos, pictures, and text align the web portal with branding guidelines, creating a seamless student experience. We work with your existing standards during setup, then you control and update from within Presence. Preserve brand integrity by not diluting engagement with another product name, while creating the most direct path for students to find the opportunities they need.

Organization Directory

A real-time, searchable, filterable listing of clubs, teams, organizations, and departments gives students access to the information they need to get involved. Descriptions, meeting times/locations, upcoming events, digital forms, and contact information pull from Organizations. Students join groups with the click of a button.

Activities, Events, and Programs

One beautiful place for every co-curricular event. Students find what interests them using filters like tags and categories, see a visual page for each event, and easily interact by syncing with their calendar or contacting hosts. Details, suggested events, forms, and social media integration mean everything they need is at their fingertips, fed by event management in real-time.

Campus Forms

Streamlined access to every form a student needs to get involved, apply for funding, sign up for travel, run their organization, etc. Forms act as embedded web pages, simplified and branded to keep the experience congruent and easy.

Social Media Integration

Connect social networks with embedded facebook and twitter feeds on the dashboard. Pull accounts for individual organizations into their pages. Like, tweet, and share organizations and events to create buzz and direct students to the portal. Don’t compete, integrate.

Increase student involvement by improving access to opportunities

Institutional Branding

Drive portal and app interest organically.


Organization, Event, and Form data feeds from Presence.

Simple & Intuitive

Minimal clicks encourage increased participation.

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