Measure Experiential Learning

Understand how your students learn outside of the classroom

Quantify holistic student growth

Our comprehensive and automated platform allows student affairs professionals all across the division to measure students’ experiential learning. Whether you’re already using a learning outcome framework or you’re just getting started, the Presence platform will help you define competencies and skills, automatically track students’ earning of them, make sure your students know what their move should be, and will help them tell the story of their experience as they enter the workforce.

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Encourage & Measure Learning

Understand what skills your students are developing and where they need to grow. Prepare a generation of graduates who aren't just ready to enter the workforce, they're ready to excel in it.

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Design the framework

Figuring out how you’re going to measure student learning shouldn’t feel like rocket science (unless you’re a rocket scientist). That’s why we’ve made it easy to incorporate frameworks you’re already using, like CAS, LEAP, DQP, or one that’s custom to your institution. And if you’re not using a learning outcome framework, don’t sweat. Your dedicated Happiness Expert is here to help you at every step of the way.

Determine competencies

What skills go along with intrapersonal development? What about cognitive complexity? Use themed competencies to draw a clear connection between what students can learn and why they should want to learn it. Define them to fit your campus’ needs, frameworks, and language.

Build your skills

What opportunities are there on campus to develop communication skills? Don’t leave that to guesswork anymore. Students can find experiences that match the skills they want to build and see exactly what they need to do to start learning and growing. We make it easy to see the depth of skill acquisition with levels that are customized to your institution’s preferred taxonomy.

Automate the tough stuff

In the past, tracking co-curricular learning has been nothing short of tedious. But with Presence, you can simplify the process through the power of connection and automation. Every point of involvement is centralized within our platform, so you don’t have to stress about manual upkeep. We connect the experiences with the learning so that your students can connect with their campus.

Inspire and empower

No matter their level of engagement, students are empowered to take initiative, get involved, and build their skills. No more trying to convince students to get involved — the “why” is right in front of them. Support students to feel confident in telling the story of their growth.


We grow not only from our experiences, but from reflecting back on those experiences. Connect reflection to the earning and achievement of student learning outcomes, ensuring that students are getting the most from their experiential learning opportunities.

Tell the story of your department's work

Build learning pathways

Break big goals down into manageable levels and requirements, making the pathway to success crystal clear.

Inspire involvement

Use gamification and technology to inspire your students to get involved and keep growing.

Automate it all

Don't fuss with paperwork — use automation to keep track of all co-curricular learning opportunities and student outcomes.

Inspire student growth and achievement with Presence

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