Gamify Involvement

Connect students with pathways to success

Incentivize and strategize to increase student success

Ensure that students understand the connection between involvement beyond the classroom and skill development with our comprehensive experiences dashboard. Plus, students can decide what skills they want to develop and see exactly what they need to do to get there. System administrators can build out pathways, requirements, and levels, and when students fulfill those, they automatically advance. We’ve built the bridge between learning outcomes, goal-tracking, and workforce readiness.

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Encourage & Measure Experiential Learning

Motivate students to build their skills and prepare for the workforce. Tell the story of student affairs through the power of technology. Student affairs has the power to change lives — so don't waste any time. Start building your learning frameworks today.

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Motivate students to care

For our students, the connection between out-of-the-classroom involvement, learning, and workforce readiness aren’t always apparent. Make the benefits of your programs crystal clear by connecting them with the skills they develop and the certifications they can earn. We’re helping students know their “why” and tell their story.

Customized pathways

Your institution is unique, so why should your learning pathways be generic? With Presence, you can customize pathways and requirements to skill attainment so that they fit your institution's exact needs and goals.

Real-time updates

When you can see your finish line, you focus that much harder on reaching your goals. Students can monitor their progress on their intelligent involvement profile in real-time and see what they have left to complete, ensuring that the finish line is always in sight — regardless of where they’re at in their journey.

Grant points

What’s the value of attending a leadership retreat? What about a documentary screening? That’s not just a theoretical question anymore. Incentivize students to get involved by assigning point values to each experience and granting points automatically for completing achievements. Design a custom reward program for your campus and motivate students to keep learning.

Measure progress levels

Not all experiences are created equal or provide the same experiential learning benefits. Utilize your division’s preferred taxonomy to assign mastery levels to each set of skills. Are you at the “understanding” phase or the “analyze” phase? We’d bet you’re at the “really excited to measure student learning” phase.

Connect it all

Connect and automate everything in the Presence system, from event creation to reflection and from calendar updates to granting points. We’re here to help build connections, not make them more complicated.

Know the road ahead

Discover experiences

Want to build a new skill? Figure out what experiences are available to help you achieve your goals and pursue opportunities.

Chart your progress

Students can keep track of exactly how far they've come and what they need to do next all on their intelligent involvement profile.

Customize requirements

Administrators can determine what requirements must be fulfilled in order to achieve levels, skills, and competencies.

Motivate students to succeed and grow with Presence

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