Foster Reflection

Use customizable forms to gather qualitative feedback and assess learning outcomes

Reflect on your experiences

Use powerful, customizable, user-friendly reflection forms to encourage student focus and growth. Gather insights through qualitative narrative data. Help your students tell the story of their development and help your department tell the story of the value of its work.

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Encourage & Measure Experiential Learning

Connect reflections to the earning and achievement of student learning outcomes with customizable forms, conditional logic, and workflows. Verify participation and assess program efficacy all in one place.

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Foster student development

Encourage student focus and growth with reflection tools that help students get the most out of their learning opportunities — and help you know that your programs are effective.

Adapts to you

Use conditional logic to hide and show fields as necessary, depending upon the student and the experience. Plus, you can set custom requirements for who should approve submitted reflections. It’s like magic, but way cooler. (No offense, magicians)

From your inbox to their co-curricular transcript

Review, approve, and voilà — the completed experience now shows on the student’s involvement record.

Validate experiential learning

How do you measure learning outside of the classroom? With Presence’s comprehensive reflection tools, you can ensure that students are learning from their experiences, not just completing them.

Learn from reflection

Beautifully simple design

From the student dashboard to the public portal and the final co-curricular transcript, our design is so beautiful it’ll knock everyone’s socks off.

Assess qualitatively

Use narrative feedback to understand how students are growing from their experiences. Encourage students to tell the story of their achievements.

Magically flexible

Customize reflection possibilities with the power of conditional logic. Tailor reflections to meet your exact needs.

Reflect, assess, and grow with Presence.

"We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.”
― John Dewey —

Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.