A Very SmartTranscript

A co-curricular transcript that gets smart with your students

The co-curricular transcript reimagined

Use check-in technology to confirm student attendance and reflections to confirm development. Sync all of their completed and in-progress experiences, certifications, points, service hours, and skills into one fully-automated, live-updating student profile. This isn’t like the co-curricular transcripts you’ve seen before — it’s a SmartTranscript.

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A Feature Of

Encourage & Measure Experiential Learning

Encourage students to persist to full skill attainment with gamification and progress monitoring, preparing them for the workforce.

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Seize the opportunity

How do your students know what opportunities are available to them around campus? With Presence, they won’t have to jump around from site to site or poster to poster anymore. The all-in-one platform allows students to see all opportunities available to them, from experiences on campus and in the community to ways to redeem their earned points to certifications and more.

Confirm learning

Use reflection tools to ensure that students are actively progressing in their skill development. Tailor reflection forms to fit that program’s needs, customize approval workflows, and use conditional logic to show or hide fields as necessary.

Chart your progress

When students can see what they’ve achieved and what steps they need to take to achieve future goals, they’re more likely to continue on their path. Keep track of how far you've come in developing your skills to stay motivated and on your path.

Know the road ahead

So you’re ready to level-up, but how do you get there? Presence’s interactive learning dashboard not only tells you how far you have to go, it tells you all the possible routes you can take to get there. Figure out next steps both within the opportunities portal and right on your student profile.

An interactive portal

Students can see what is currently available so that they can complete opportunities and meet requirements. Enroll in competencies, check the status of their skill development, see their points earned, and stay motivated to keep learning.

Increase student & employer confidence

Some studies show that while students feel confident that they’ve developed workforce-ready skills, employers aren’t seeing the same. Students can use their co-curricular transcript to supplement their resumes, showing potential employers exactly what they’ve learned and how. How will your students show that they’re ready for the workforce?

Show off your skills

An interactive roadmap

The SmartTranscript will help students advance their skill development — not just tell them what they've completed.

An interconnected system

Connect everything in the Presence system to the SmartTranscript, automatically updating it when achievements have been completed.

Ready for the workforce

Students can use the SmartTranscript to tell the story of their growth, helping them demonstrate their workforce-ready skills.

Guide and document the experiential learning process with Presence

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