Encourage & Measure Experiential Learning

One comprehensive platform for everything co-curricular on your campus

Empower students to take control of their learning

With our branded campus events app and interactive online dashboard, students can keep opportunities for involvement top-of-mind (and back pocket). Now that all possible opportunities are laid out in front of them, students can determine which learning pathways they want to follow and figure out what they need to do to achieve their goals. Automate the entire process by using tools you already know, like drag-and-drop forms, mobile check-in, conditional logic, and approval workflows. It’s the student experience designed with student success in mind.

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A Very SmartTranscript

Use check-in technology to confirm student attendance and reflections to confirm development. Sync all of their completed and in-progress experiences, certifications, points, service hours, and skills into one fully-automated, live-updating student profile. This isn’t like the co-curricular transcripts you’ve seen before — it’s a SmartTranscript.

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Design meaningful experiences

The college experience has the opportunity to change lives. So design experiences that will help prepare students for the future and inspire them to tell their stories.

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Build your learning outcomes framework

Use a learning outcome framework that is familiar to you, or reach out to your dedicated Happiness Expert for help creating your very own.

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Automate learning pathways

Connect each and every opportunity for involvement and relax knowing that all of the maintenance is taken care of, thanks to the power of automation. Customize your workflow, get to know the power of conditional logic, and get ready to burn your old paper processes.

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Discover opportunities

We’re saying “no” to the information gatekeepers of the world. With your custom campus dashboard, there are no hard-to-remember URLs or logins. Whether they’re a commuter student or a residential student, an emerging student leader or an involvement newbie, opportunities for skill development are available and accessible.

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Keep students motivated from start to finish by making sure they know just how much further they have to go to fulfill their desired competency or skill. Offer points and incentives for completing experiences, and reward perseverance and progress by designing a custom reward program just for your campus.

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Reflection that fits your needs

Flexible and secure reflection forms and automation allow you to connect reflection to the earning and achievement of student learning outcomes. Complement your quantitative data with qualitative feedback and confirm that your students are growing from their experiences, not just completing them.

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Real-time progress tracking

Tracking student learning progress shouldn’t feel like driving while blindfolded. With their personalized intelligent involvement profile, students can know exactly how far into their learning journey they are, how much further they have to go, and how to get there.

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One very SmartTranscript

Who says transcripts have to be static and stuffy? Our SmartTranscript is interactive, engaging, and designed to help students maximize their opportunities for success. Let students show off their progress and strength as they pursue new opportunities and experiences.

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Inspire confidence

When students can map their learning and skill development, they feel more confident explaining their skills when they enter the workforce. No more stumbling while explaining the value of a leadership role and how it applies to a job’s duties — you’ve got a comprehensively SmartTranscript to back you up.

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Know your strengths and plan for growth

Build your framework

CAS, LEAP, DQP, or a framework all your own. We've got you covered no matter what.

Gamify involvement

Know your goals and exactly what you need to do to achieve them.

An interactive transcript

Tell the story of your achievements with a comprehensive co-curricular transcript.

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