Develop Marketable Skills for 60x30 Excellence

We’re helping Texas institutions achieve — and surpass — Texas 60x30 goals.

Game, set, match

The Texas 60x30 plan has set a high bar for Texas colleges and universities. Its vision is clear: to help Texas students achieve success after graduation, strengthening Texas’ workforce and economy. But developing institution-wide learning outcomes for marketable skills can be an overwhelming undertaking, and ensuring that all students have access to that information can be even more difficult. We can help. With a centralized opportunities portal, customizable learning outcomes, real-time skill updates, and a SmartTranscript that motivates your students to keep growing, Presence’s Co-Curricular Opportunities Platform has everything you need to achieve 60x30 plan excellence.

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Feature Highlight

Help students tell their story

Use check-in technology to confirm student attendance and reflections to confirm marketable skill development. Sync all of their completed and in-progress experiences, certifications, points, service hours, and skills into one fully-automated, live-updating student profile. This isn’t like the co-curricular transcripts you’ve seen before — it’s a SmartTranscript.

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Build learning outcomes

Workforce-ready skills aren’t unique to any one major, so why treat them that way? With Presence, you can implement institution-wide learning outcomes, connect skills to them, and even define skill levels. Use a framework that is familiar to you or reach out to your dedicated Happiness Expert for help creating your very own. You’ll feel confident that your students have the skills they need to take on the job market, whether they studied literature, engineering, or both!

Build Learning Outcomes

Automate learning pathways

Connect each and every opportunity for involvement to a learning outcome and relax knowing that all of the maintenance is taken care of, thanks to the power of automation. Customize your workflow, get to know the power of conditional logic, and get ready to burn your old paper processes, because you’ve got goals to surpass.

Automate Processes

Motivate skill development

With your custom campus dashboard, there are no hard-to-remember URLs or logins. Whether they’re a commuter or residential student, an emerging student leader or an involvement newbie, opportunities for skill development are available and accessible. Keep students motivated from start to finish with gamification, making sure they know just how much further they have to go to fulfill their desired competency or skill. Offer points and incentives for completing experiences, and reward perseverance and progress by designing a custom reward program just for your campus.

Gamify Involvement

Stay on track

Administrators can utilize customized reports to comply with state-level reporting requirements to ensure that they’re staying on track with their institution’s 60x30 strategic plan. Use raw data to observe which skills are being developed to which level and understand how attributes like gender, race, commuter status, year, and more influence students’ pursuit of skill attainment. Have all of the information you need at your fingertips so that oversight processes are as stress-free as possible.

Real-time progress-tracking

Tracking student learning progress shouldn’t feel like driving while blindfolded. With their personalized intelligent involvement profile, students can know exactly how far into their learning journey they are, how much further they have to go, and how to get there.

Measure Progress

A very SmartTranscript

Who says co-curricular transcripts have to be static and stuffy? Our SmartTranscript is interactive, engaging, and designed to help students maximize their opportunities for success. Let students show off their progress and strength as they pursue new opportunities, experiences, and marketable skills.

Build Your SmartTranscript

Help students tell their story

When students can map their learning and skill development, they're equipped to explain their skills when they enter the workforce. No more stumbling while explaining the value of a leadership role and how it applies to a job’s duties — you’ve got a comprehensively SmartTranscript to back you up.

Equip with Confidence

Set your students up for post-graduation success

Centralize opportunities

Break down barriers to ensure that every single student has the opportunity to build their skills to land their dream job.

Customize learning outcomes

Develop interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas that are valued by employers, and are primary or complementary to a major.

Foster growth

Our SmartTranscript helps students identify their marketable skills and communicate them to prospective employers.

Learn how Presence can help your institution achieve its 60x30 goals

Preparing the next generation of students for the workforce doesn't need to be a headache.
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