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Student Engagement Technology

Presence is a web and mobile software platform that helps you identify ways to increase student engagement, better allocate resources, enhance assessment practices, and promote opportunities, ultimately improving outcomes and retention.

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Simplify Processes with Organization, Event, & Form Management

Bring your clubs & organizations, event processes, and forms online. Improve both management processes and student accessibility. Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised. Integrated in one platform, Presence saves you time and money and makes student life better.

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Track Student Involvement with Mobile Smart Devices


Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. By tracking student involvement with card swipe technology from Presence, you’ll speed up event check-in and maximize data collection.

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Identify Trends & Behaviors with Real-Time Assessment

Visualize student involvement to improve the speed, accuracy, and depth of assessment.

Data collected with CheckPoint syncs with SIS data live, creating powerful analytics that help you measure and understand student involvement.

Identify trends, compare effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to better engagement, improving persistence and retention.

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Reach & Engage Students with a Campus Branded App & Portal

Simplify how students find involvement opportunities to ensure effective promotion and increase engagement. Reach students where they are - on web and mobile - with branded assets.

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Encourage & Measure Learning with our Opportunity Builder & SmartTranscript

Design experiences and create your customized learning outcomes framework. Tie it all together using our pathway builder, helping students earn skills and achievements, then reflect on them. Automatically track progress and gamify the development of skills that are essential to the workforce using your SmartTranscript.

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Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.