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Free pizza is just one small slice of the student affairs pie. Each week, host Meg Sunga interviews student affairs professionals about everything they're doing to improve students' lives, one campus at a time. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and yes, there will be food. Delivered to you by Presence.

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When Campus Must Be Home for the Holidays — Ryan Bye — Presence blog
Episode 13
Home for the Holidays
There's no place like home for the holidays...except when that home is an empty residence hall. Some of our students can't go home during the winter break season, whether due to travel costs or unstable home...
Featuring Zduy Chu
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Acts of Service (Learning)
Episode 12
Acts of Service (Learning)
We student affairs professionals know better than most that learning continues beyond the classroom. So join me today as we learn what service-learning is and what it isn't, unpack the intersections of social justice issues and...
Featuring Nicole Patterson
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supporting veteran students on campus
Episode 11
Supporting Student Veterans
Student veterans are non-traditional students with a different set of needs than their first time in college peers. On today’s episode, we explore what support really looks like for student veterans and their families with Joe...
Featuring Joe Schumacher
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Professional Ghosting
Episode 10
Professional Ghosting
It's a haunting feeling. Submitting an application, immediately hearing a response, and then... an eerie silence. You got ghosted — professionally ghosted, that is. This week, we interviewed a paranormal investi — we mean, career specialist...
Featuring Carrie Hawes
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food insecurity on campus
Episode 9
Food Insecurity on Campus
Estimates on the number of students who are food insecure on campus vary widely, with some studies reporting as low as 7% and others reporting nearly 50%. What are campuses around the country doing to ensure...
Featuring Clare Cady and Joanna Garcia
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Supporting Trans Students on Campus
Episode 8
Supporting Trans Students on Campus
When it comes to supporting trans students on campus, access to bathrooms is just the tip of the iceberg. How are you and your colleagues working to affirm and advocate for trans students on your campus?...
Featuring Luca Maurer
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Mental Health and Higher Education
Episode 7
Mental Health and Higher Ed
Happy World Mental Health Day! While today celebrates the efforts of folx raising awareness of mental health issues around the world, how are we prioritizing mental health for students year-round? This week, we chat with Dr....
Featuring Dr. Erin Robinson
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Episode 6 of Will There Be Food — in solidarity with student activists, featuring Ashley Gaddy
Episode 6
In Solidarity with Student Activists
Student activism transforms with each generation. But for many student affairs professionals, navigating politics while being a representative of an institution can be confusing. On today’s episode, we speak with scholar-activist Ashley Gaddy about how SApros...
Featuring Ashley Gaddy
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Will There Be Food? podcast — Finding Queerituality on Campus
Episode 5
Finding Queerituality on Campus
Religiously-affiliated institutions exist to educate and serve their faith. But they also have an obligation to support their students. What does that mean for LGBTQ students and staff at religious institutions? This week, we chat with...
Featuring Sean Smallwood and Sergio Pérez
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Episode 4 — Leadership and Power with Edna Dominguez — Will There Be Food? podcast
Episode 4
Leadership and Power
When your entire industry exists to serve students, where does power come from? In this episode, we chat with Edna Dominguez, AVP of Student Affairs at UT Austin, about her journey to an AVP role, the...
Featuring Edna Dominguez
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