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Use a data-first approach to create engagement opportunities, foster belonging, and increase connectedness.

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“We’re building a culture on campus with Presence. We’re changing how students get information, how they learn about things happening around campus, and we want to drive that."
— Jo Chase, Harford Community College

It’s a lot easier — and more cost effective —
to retain a student than it is to recruit one.

Finding the students who are at-risk of dropping out has been largely left to guesswork, but now you can use data to find those students before it’s too late. So why spend so much effort finding new students when you can keep the ones you already have?

The Missing Piece of the Retention Puzzle

Institutions already understand the importance of academic performance, affordability, and psychological factors when it comes to retention. But the one area that’s left is involvement. We know that students who get involved in co-curricular activities, organizations, and leadership positions are more likely to retain. That’s why having a tool to track engagement and identify uninvolved students is so vital.

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“Student involvement in co-curricular activities such as student organizations, leadership positions, and activity in campus residence halls has a positive correlation with retention and academics." — Kuh & Pike 2005

Our Solutions to Retention

Create & Advertise Opportunities in a Single, Customizable Web Portal
Scalable Tracking for Both In-Person and Virtual Events
Real-Time Data Dashboard to Assess Trends & Behaviors
Easily Identify Students Who Require More Programs and Services
Remove Barriers to Involvement and Engage More Students

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"That data points that Presence helped us connect to retention were extremely helpful in making a case for continued funding (as well as increases in some cases) for student affairs."
Vince Miller
Valdosta State University
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