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Professional Ghosting and the Pit Falls of the Student Affairs Career Search

Thursday, April 30 @ 5:00 pm EST

Professional Ghosting
About this webinar

Millennial and Gen Y student affairs professionals are all just trying to get jobs, stay hydrated, and live their best lives in 2020… but what happens when the school of your work dreams doesn’t respond back? Join us as we unpack professional ghosting, navigating the job search, and other snafus grad school didn’t quite prepare us for. Topics discussed include: hiring trends within higher ed; overcoming job search barriers; non-linear career progression; and job-searching during COVID-19.

Carrie Hawes
Associate Director, Center for Corporate Education
Virginia Commonwealth University - School of Business
Meg Sunga
Digital Education Creator

Learning Outcomes

After this webinar, particpants will be able to:

  • Understand trends and hiring within the field of higher education
  • Recognize the role of identity in the professional development process
  • Understand diverse career-progression opportunities on-and-off campus
  • Analyze methods for addressing negative experiences they may encounter
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