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Designing Learning Pathways: Gamifying and Automating Co-Curricular Skill Development

Thursday, April 16 @ 5:00 pm EST

Designing Learning Pathways
About this webinar

Join recipient of the ACPA Innovative Practice Award Dr. Anthony Altieri of Lynn University and Presence to explore their work designing a curriculum that maps gamifies students’ skill development outside of the classroom through automated learning pathways. Dr. Altieri and his team have taken a comprehensive, holistic, wellness-focused approach that considers the entire student experience and empowers students to demonstrate and articulate their co-curricular learning.

Dr. Anthony Altieri
Vice President for Student Affairs
Lynn University
Reuben Pressman
Founder & CEO

Learning Outcomes

After this webinar, particpants will be able to:

  • Attendees will learn about building and designing co-curricular experiences
  • Attendees will learn about mapping & gamifying experiential learning to skill development with automated pathways
  • Attendees will learn about helping students articulate skills with SmartTranscripts and telling the story of Student Affairs
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