Inclusion & Diversity

As a company, Presence values equity, diversity, and inclusion. We’re creating intentional opportunities for our growing team to educate each other and ensure social justice outcomes are at the heart of everything we do.

Team & Culture
Revamping all of our strategies - recruitment & hiring, onboarding & training - with an inclusive lens.
Partners & Product
Ensuring platform structure, data and content is as inclusive as possible with our clients and campus partners.
Sharing what we've learned in our company, at national conferences, and in the local community through our blog.

Our Initiative Timeline

New Teammates
The Inclusion Initiative opened up to allow Presence teammates to participate at a variety of levels that meet their current ability.
January '19
Quarterly OKRs Implemeneted
We finalized the Inclusion Initiative’s Objectives & Key Results so that we can measure how we’re doing.
January '19
Camp Presence (Retreat II)
We dedicated 30% of our 3-day training to inclusion-related trainings and activities to help us better understand identities and foster empathy.
December '18
Parental Leave Policy
We implemented a 16-week paid parental leave policy that’s inclusive of all genders and family structures.
November '18
Aspirational Goals
We’re drafting Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) for our inclusion work, including recruitment goals, training plans, and policy updates. Stay tuned!
August '18
Defining Out Values
In order to learn more about our team and develop company-wide definitions for diversity and inclusion, we surveyed our team to learn how they defined those terms for themselves.
May '18
Strategic Planning
We began the process of developing a strategic plan for improving diversity and inclusion here at Presence.
March '18
Our First Retreat
We hosted the first company-wide retreat to bring our team closer together and have critical conversations.
December '17
Communication Training
We're partnering with a local facilitator to create a proactive communication strategy as our team grows exponentially.
October '17
Applicant Demographics
Began including optional demographic data as part of the application process to strengthen recruiting practices.
July '17
Inclusion Survey #2
Did a second round of the CultureAmp Inclusion Survey with the newly expanded team, compared with Survey 1 data to adapt work plan.
April '17
Presented at National Conferences
Shared findings on inclusive data collection & the first-gen mindset at NASPA National & CCCCSSAA.
March '17
Tampa Bay Start-Up Week
Participated in roundtables & discussions on diversity & inclusion in tech & local start ups.
February '17
Implicit Bias Training
Focused on gender, race & class bias. Provided awareness & resources to eliminate bias within the company & during the hiring process.
February '17
Developed Work Plan for 2017
Based on Inclusion Survey feedback, we developed training plans & new strategies to broaden company recruitment.
January '17
Initial Inclusion Survey
Partnered with CultureAmp to gather employee engagement data & inform our work moving forward. (Free with Culture Amp)
October '16
LGBT Safe Zone & Privilege Trainings
Hired an outside facilitator to increase company awareness & underst&ing around privilege & effective allyship.
August '16
Creation of Our Inclusion Initiative
Set out with comprehensive plan to train current employees, recruit more diverse employees, & develop a sustainable inclusive culture.
June '16

Current Internal Initiatives

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Expanded recruiting efforts to more diverse organizations (ex. People of Color in Tech, Women in Tech)
  • Enhanced interview process to include more voices throughout, and ensure transparency with selections
  • Implemented software to help us better understand our candidate pool and ensure that the application process is consistent for all candidates.
  • Re-evaluated job descriptions for gender-coded language and updated throughout

Employee Onboarding

  • Created a ‘Beginners Guide to Inclusion’ to share with all new employees, who also meet with leaders from the inclusion team
  • Providing recordings, webinars and resources from previous trainings so new hires can catch up on any trainings they’ve missed

Internal Policies and Procedures

  • Update employee handbook to include more comprehensive family leave and mental health policies
  • Updated our benefits and company policies to more holistically and comprehensively support our teammates’ needs
  • Developing objectives & key results (OKRs) to measure our progress

Inclusion & Diversity Articles

From The Presence Blog

Our Team

The inclusion team is a representation of the Presence team as a whole - passionate, solution oriented, and growth-minded. Through a comprehensive inclusion initiative, we’ve been able to intentionally scale and adapt our culture with each new team member. Understanding that there’s no one formula for success, we’re always open to new ideas, and provide everyone with the opportunity to identify and create the change.

Meet The Team

Opportunities At Presence

A rapidly growing team, we’re committed to onboarding people who will add to our culture in meaningful ways. If you’re a solution oriented person looking to help solve some of the biggest challenges in Student Affairs, all while being on the frontier of inclusive culture creation, then check out what roles we’re hiring for here.

We're Hiring
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