Presence is built and operated by former student government leaders and student affairs professionals who can relate to the confusion that surrounds trying to understand, create, and maintain an institution’s campus culture.

Make an impact on your campus culture:

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We’ve compressed our years of knowledge and experiences, along with external research, into a 10 week email based academy that dives into the following topics and issues surrounding campus culture:

  • Week 1 What is Culture?: An in-depth lesson covering the components / levels of culture.
  • Week 2 Culture vs. Climate: Defining the difference between culture and climate.
  • Week 3 Getting Students Involved: How to get student involved in campus culture conversations.
  • Week 4 Model Campus Theory: Building a reference to model your campus after.
  • Week 5 Interdepartmental Collaboration: Designing bridges between campus entities.
  • Week 6 Navigating Barriers to Involvement: Streamlining processes that halt engagement.
  • Week 7 How technology impacts campus culture.
  • Week 8 Cultural Maintain: Fostering Engagement.
  • Week 9 Cultural Maintain: Cultivating Assessment.
  • Week 10 Campus Culture Recap with recommendations for short and long term action.

Each of our lessons are designed to help student affairs professionals and student leaders
gain a better understanding of campus culture while providing applicable strategies
& tips over the course of our 10 week Campus Culture Academy.

Campus Culture Academy
Learning Objectives

  • Utilize the knowledge gained throughout the Campus Culture Academy to create a healthy campus culture.
  • Utilize self critiques to assess the current state of your campus culture.
  • Discuss factors that influence campus culture.
  • Describe various levels of culture.
  • Prepare and predict for your campus's growing diversity.
  • Apply theories discussed in your campus environment

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Campus Culture Academy

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