What a Student Engagement Platform Can Do For Your Campus

Since technology constantly advances and students’ desires change with each incoming class, universities must begin stepping up engagement tactics.

A student engagement platform is crucial to campus success, especially in a time where analytics and other valuable data lay the roadmap to truly understanding your students. Below you will find three major benefits of implementing a student engagement platform on your campus.

1. Better Understanding of Students Wants & Needs

Going out and asking students what they think they want on campus is a thing of the past. When looking at event analytics, as well as student data, it’s easy to see what’s working and what could use improvement. The numbers speak for themselves at events for students and can help point Universities in the right direction for future planning and making educated decisions.

2. Better Marketing

With a better understanding of students through necessary data, better marketing for student engagement transforms into a new, more reachable goal since there’s an inside look at what does and does not work. Universities can see what marketing outputs are receiving the best and worst results along with how. Knowing this data allows you to better prepare and market to students on your campus.

3. Potential Campus Growth

Better student engagement and improved campus marketing will not only encourage more students to participate in campus life activities, but also draw in higher numbers of prospective students instead of blindly taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best. Campus engagement platforms like Check I’m Here will transform your campus into a smart campus.

A student engagement platform like Presence is the ultimate modern-day University aid in understanding, marketing and growing student life. The data provides Universities with a better understanding of what students want, leading them to plan and market better events based off of analytics. This is essentially appealing to future students, and cultivating a healthy student body for years to come.

Dustin Pankow

About the author: Dustin Pankow is the Director of Opportunities here at Presence. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

Check I'm Here is now Presence. Learn more about this change in our blog post here.