Track Student Involvement with Card Swipe Technology

Benefits of Student Involvement

It’s a known fact that students who are involved in university life and student organizations are more likely to graduate from a four year university with a degree. Much of the planning that goes into student organization events is based off of assumptions. What if you could plan events based on what you know works or what you know the students like? By tracking student involvement with card swipe technology from Presence, student organizations and universities as a whole can transform their events with data collected with Presence.

Presence & Student Involvement Tracking

The coolest thing about Presence is that the utilization of smart devices with swipe technology allows for a realtime overview of what is happening on campus instantly. Better yet, you are not limited to wifi zones on campus, nor are you limited to university devices.

No iPads or tablets available for an event? No problem. Do you or a friend have an iPhone or Android device? Simply download the Presence app and plug our card reader into your headphone jack and start swiping.

Where do you get the card readers you ask? We have small readers that plug into the headphone jack on your smart device, and are you ready for this? They’re FREE! We don’t just give you few and send you on your way either. How many student organizations do you have? 10? 50? 500? Presence will give you a card swiper for every single organization on your campus for free, wether you have 5 student organizations or 500. Don’t worry about excel documents either, the data swipes right into the Presence app providing instant realtime data and analytics on your event and organization.

The More Data on Student Involvement, The Better

There has never been a better way to learn about your campus, your students, and your peers. If you want extra data for a particular event, add a survey to the check in process. A student swipes their ID, which prompts a quick survey, and they’re on their way. Does your event require a waiver? Same scenario, the student swipes their ID, which prompts a waiver, then the student signs the waiver with their finger on the spot and they’re on their way.


Being able to have card swipe technology gives us a validated and secure method of verifying which students come to events, but also what type of students are attending events, all while giving us accurate data about what types of students are coming to events and what events are successful. This data helps assist universities with improving events, retaining students through graduation, and gathering valuable information to make educated decisions around what the university is planning.

The Power of Mobile

A huge benefit of using mobile devices is that you don’t have to be connected to a wifi network. You can use Presence’s swipe devices on wifi, LTE, 3G, or whatever other type of data plan you may have allowing you to swipe all over campus. This allows you to branch off from normal zones where you would be able to swipe and reach new areas of your campus.


When an ID is swiped, Presence does what we call a “no touch swipe,” meaning it doesn’t require anyone touching or verifying anything on the screen of the device to make the swipe work. You can literally swipe students continuously. Presence built all of this directly into their software, so when a card is swiped it connects to the Presence platform, pings the data, and verifies the student all in under a second. In other words, Presence speeds up event check in’s all while providing realtime data from your event.


Another major win with Presence is that the platform integrates directly with already existing card swipe systems and student ID’s. There are no changes that need to be made by the students nor the universities IT department. The software integrates seamlessly. If your university has student ID’s without magnetic strips, Presence is able to scan bar codes on the ID’s as well as other scan technologies. You never have to worry about compatibility. If a student forgets their ID or if their card is broken or weathered, you are able to simply enter their data the same way as if they had a functioning card.

Increasing Student Involvement with Presence

Presence combines the power of mobile with the power of card swipe technology to produce beautiful realtime reports of event data and the students that are attending events. This puts the power of data into universities hands to know exactly how and what students are responding to and what students want more of. Quality data can help save time, money, and sanity. There is no other technology that combines a powerful platform, with the portability of mobile, and the convenience of card swipe technology. Presence is the #1 solution for your university.

Dustin Pankow

About the author: Dustin Pankow is the Director of Opportunities here at Presence. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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