The Science Behind Engaging The Modern College Student

You will live longer than you would have otherwise after reading this blog post.

Okay, so maybe we lied a little.

But not completely.

Researchers at UC Berkeley noticed that happy chemicals in the body decline with age. When particular chemicals are re-introduced to the body (increased happiness) naturally when we’re older, muscle regeneration improves – including brain tissue.

How can we increase our own levels of happiness to promote longevity and well-being? Does increased happiness lead to a stronger sense of belonging for students? What do natural chemicals in the body have to do with student engagement?

We decided to do some research on how to generate more feelings of happiness and engagement with the modern college student. And that means increasing and decreasing chemicals in their brain, naturally. Suggestions made in this post will probably help you too.

How do you creatively engage college students on your campus to increase overall well-being? Share with us @CheckImHere or comment below!

Kayley Robsham

About the author: Kayley Robsham is the former Community Engagement Manager at Presence, the complete student engagement platform. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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