Student Involvement Tracking: Top 5 Ways To Start & Take Action Now

Top 5 Ways To Kickstart Student Involvement Tracking For Student Affairs

Are you currently doing any student involvement tracking? How detailed is the information you are collecting? How much feedback are you getting and how are you storing it so you can assess the information you’ve collected? These are all important questions you need to be able to answer in order to reach the full potential of the information and data you are gathering.

Student involvement tracking can help you define the motives behind student involvement and participation on your campus. When you are utilizing data you’ve collected you are able to make educated decisions when planning events for students. This means you are able to increase the potential of engaging students, all while creating a better overall campus experience.

Knowing the importance of student involvement tracking is great, but don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. Check out these 5 simple ways to start benefiting from student involvement data now.

1) Email Newsletter Poll

Almost every campus has an email newsletter that goes out to all students. See if you can negotiate sending out a small survey once a month using Survey Monkey or Google Forms.

2) Facebook Poll

There is one Facebook page on every campus that is consistently updated and has a ton of interaction from students. Take advantage of Facebook Polls and drop a small poll on the page every other week.

3) Contest w/ Prize Incentive

Who doesn’t love a free giveaway, especially when the giveaway is something cool like an iPod or a gift card. Host a free raffle contest, let the catch be an in-depth survey the students have to fill out before receiving a raffle ticket. This will get you quality feedback real fast.

4) Face-to-Face

Some things will never beat good old fashioned face-to-face interaction. Grab an iPad or a pad of paper, take to the campus, and start talking to the students and taking notes. You might find yourself surprised at how reluctant the students are to share their views and opinions.

5) Sign-in Form

This is one of the easiest  and most basic ways to gather quantitative data on student involvement. Have students sign-in before entering an event. Why pass up an opportunity to gather participation data?

5 Steps To Start Taking Action Now

Now that you have some basic ways to kickstart student involvement tracking, here are five steps you can use to take action now.

    1. Identify questions about your campus you would like to know the “Why” to.
    2. Determine what data you will need to identify to find answers to the “Why”
    3. Find an efficient means of tracking this data and organizing the results.
    4. Assess and analyze the data you have collected.
    5. Form conclusions from the data and determine action steps to improve the campus experience.

After you have run through these 5 steps, take action and start back at step 4. Keep assessing and analyzing so you can constantly make changes and updates to your initiatives.

How Check I’m Here Can Help With Student Involvement Tracking

Presence is a cloud platform that gives Universities and Colleges the power to Manage, Track, Assess, and Engage students and organizations on campus. Check I’m Here’s card swipe technology makes gathering data and information from students a breeze. To learn more about student involvement tracking with card swipe technology check out our post titled Tracking Student Involvement with Card Swipe Technology.


Dustin Pankow

About the author: Dustin Pankow is the Director of Opportunities here at Presence. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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