Meet our First Coordinator of Breaking Things, Cameron Davis

Yes, you read that headline correctly; we’ve hired someone to break things.

…Or rather, we’ve hired someone to attempt to break parts of our software — in order to confirm that they cannot be broken. The members of our Happiness Team have always been responsible for quality assurance; they’ve tested every nook and cranny of our software to ensure that Presence is a stellar experience for every single user. And now, as our number of campus partners continues to grow and grow and grow, the Happiness Team is growing, too.

So, we’re thrilled to welcome Cameron Davis! They’re a savvy digital exterminator who’ll spot every bug in our software and collaborate with our development team to make things sparkling clean.

But, who is Cameron beyond their knack for breaking things and putting ’em perfectly back together? I’ll let them tell you in their own words! Here’s my interview with Cameron.

Cameron Davis - they/them/their, coordinator of breaking things

Cameron participated in a charity bike ride last year, cycling from Miami to Key West!

1. What led you to Presence?

The college I graduated from (Eckerd College) is a Presence campus partner, and I had heard positive things about the company from a friend that works in Eckerd’s Institutional Effectiveness dept and utilizes Presence’s platform. During the interview process, I was impressed by my soon-to-be coworkers’ dedication to understanding and working with their clients’ needs, in addition to the company’s adaptability in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. How do you see this position fitting into your future career? What benefits or experiences do you hope to gain from working at Presence?

I’m excited to build out the QA workflows at Presence. The chance to lay out the foundation of these processes will definitely allow me to put my experiences and skills to good use! I’ve been part of many different team structures, but being the foundational member of a QA team is an opportunity that really excites me.

Early on in my career, I was inspired and guided by QA mentors. I’m hopeful that this position will bring me closer to becoming that mentor figure for someone else. 

3. Where did you attend school? What were your major(s)? Were you involved with any co-curricular or extracurricular activities?

I got my bachelor’s degree at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida (near Presence’s headquarters) with majors in computer science and theatre/acting! 

While at Eckerd, I was president of the Theatre Troupe, Tabletop Gaming Club, and Tea Club (which I founded). In my spare time outside of class and meeting with chums, I  held a few work-study positions that were pretty fun. Being a mail clerk at the campus mailroom turned out to be a funny way to get acquainted with other students, and I really enjoyed my time as a Library Work Scholar. Additionally, I worked as an activator to welcome incoming students and support a small group of assigned freshmen through the beginning of their college journeys.

4. Why are you excited to be a part of the Presence team?

Well, during the interview process, all the people I met seemed very amiable, experienced, and enthusiastic. I’m excited to learn from them through our future collaborations and share my own expertise with the team. 

two pictures: Cameron smiling outside at night and Cameron reading a book in a cafe

Cameron explored London through evening strolls and cozy reads in cafes.

5. What do you like to do outside of work?  

Oh, where to begin? I love reading and can be caught reading anywhere from 2-4 different books at the same time. I also enjoy watching and discussing films, especially anything produced by A24. Playing tabletop games with friends is always a good time!

Pre-pandemic, some chums and I would go to Boston for the annual PAX East convention to check out newly released and upcoming board/video games, while getting to chat with indie developers. Another priority to me outside of work is volunteering with community support and mutual aid groups in the Tampa Bay area. 

6. What is something you’ve always wanted to try? What are some goals you have in the future you’d like to accomplish? Why?

An idea that some friends and I have discussed is founding a local theatre troupe that offers opportunities and roles primarily to folks in the LGBTQIA+ community. I’d love to participate in inclusive productions written, produced, and acted out by a close-knit group.

One goal of mine is to someday work on the development of advanced bionic prosthetics. This field has always interested me, and I’d love to be part of creating a more accessible future via assistive technology.

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Jodi Tandet

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