Engaging The Modern College Student | How You Can Leverage Technology

How you can leverage technology is one of the many sections from our new eBook ‘Engaging The Modern College Student.’ Social and digital technologies have become an essential part of students’ everyday life. Proper student engagement strategies and clever ways of leveraging social technology can help you break through a digital generations communication barrier.

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Viral Factor

Social networks have a major advantage when it comes to marketing, that is if you do it right. The most effective means of marketing for events is currently word of mouth. A hybrid of word of mouth is available through social networks, you’ve all heard the term: viral. If you make a quality post, video, tweet, graphic, picture, or message that is clever enough, the chance of that message reaching a large audience (extremely fast) is very possible.

Social Media Not as a Tool To Communicate, But as a Tool To Get Face-to-Face

Earlier we mentioned using social networks as a funnel system. It starts with communicating online and turns into a face-to-face conversation. You can also try to not think of it as primary platform for communication, rather a means to break the ice or create a presence that leads to more direct, genuine means of communicating with students.


By following what’s trending, you can stay current and relevant in online communication. You can also benefit from using these trends to your advantage to get students’ attention.

Twitter makes this extremely easy by adding a trending section on the home screen of your user profile.

Google has a trending feature where you can see what the most popular searches are all over the world.

Facebook even has a news trending section on the right side of your home screen.

Staying current has never been this easy.

Become Part of The Conversation

I’ve heard about SAPro’s refusing to friend their students on social networks. This is a major loss of opportunity for connecting and engaging. Why would you neglect the main place students are communicating and hanging out. You should be part of this, and become part of the conversation. You will build credibility as a resource and will find that students become more able and willing to engage.

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