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We ran the numbers and the Presence site has drawn over 100,000+ people in 2016 alone, and sharing knowledge through our blog posts helped shape what the Presence community is today. What a year it has been!

Here are the top 10 most popular Presence blogs you should add to your reading list today.

Our advice: read them all and share your favorites among your higher education and student affairs network! ?

1) Top 10 Things You Can Learn Outside the College Classroom

Written by Dustin Pankow, Former Student Leader & Entrepreneur


Although published in 2014, this post still generates the most traffic on our blog today. Dustin reviews how student skills can be developed outside of the classroom and how to do it (i.e. creativity, productivity, growth mindset). With specific examples to boot, it’s no wonder this blog made the number one slot.

2) 5 Tips for Running a Successful Student Government Campaign

Written by Anthony Freese, Former Student Leader & Graphic Designer


Anthony compiled the best advice for student leaders who plan to campaign in student government elections. From teaser videos to foundational campaigning practices, the content covered in the post is beneficial for new students who are new to running in an election to veterans who know the ins and outs of the election season. Share this post with an aspiring student leader who is looking to make a positive impact!

3) Top 5 Most Engaging Team Building Activities for Student Groups

Written by Laura Burge, Student Affairs Professional & Student Experience Manager at Deakin University


Student affairs professionals and student leaders can never get enough new ideas for team builders. Laura taps into her years of experience facilitating and generating ideas and lists them out for her fellow colleagues looking to mix things up! One of our favorite team builders from the post is Epic Blanket Forts.

4) 5 Tools to Easily Manage Your Student Affairs Work

Written by Dustin Ramsdell of 2U and Kayley Robsham of Presence


Dustin and Kayley review tech tools for student affairs professionals to manage projects better. In their own experience, they’ve found it’s easy to digress or get off track with large projects in departments of divisions. Using these free and low-priced tools, people can get on track and stay focused with smaller tasks of larger projects throughout the year. Our favorite tool is Trello!

5) 25 Intrapreneurs in Student Affairs

Assembled by Kayley Robsham of Presence


In Kayley’s quest for knowledge, she stumbled upon inspiring professionals making waves at their respective institutions. Professionals from all over the country (and Canada) shared current projects they’re working on, how they’re giving back to students and to the student affairs field. We have so many favorite quotes from this post it’s hard to choose! Thank you to all the people who made this a top post for 2016.

6) Why the First-Gen Mindset is Crucial to College Student Retention

Written by Saby Labor, Higher Education Professional, Educator & Consultant and Kayley Robsham of Presence


Saby and Kayley collaborated on this post after realizing shared passions working with first-generation college students and a need for more conversations in the student affairs community. With specific quotes from both students and SA pro’s, they help define and understand what the first-gen mindset feels like when attending a college or university. Saby and Kayley are excited to share that they will be presenting at the upcoming NASPA 2017 conference in San Antonio, Texas about this topic area!

7) A New Home for Presence

Assembled by Kayley Robsham and Reuben Pressman of Presence


We had a lot of exciting announcements this year and we wanted to celebrate them alongside the student affairs community! After Jeff Vinik invested in us as a startup and we created a new home in St. Petersburg, Florida it was hard not to show off our new office in this post. We’re excited and thankful to be expanding our company this year (and in 2017) and bringing the best and brightest to come work with us!

8) How to Create a Welcoming Environment in Student Affairs

Written by Kayley Robsham of Presence


Inspired by an environmental theory class from her student affairs graduate program, Kayley shares some best practices when it comes to engaging with students in a work environment. In the post, there is a section for student affairs pro’s on how to assess their workspace and using tangible items and objects to communicate inclusive priorities.

9) The Science Behind Engaging the Modern College Student

Written and assembled by Kayley Robsham of Presence


This SlideShare sure was popular among our community! With a strong introduction, it captures the readers attention right away. The presentation goes into detail about how the naturally occurring chemical oxytocin impacts the brain after interacting with social media. Completing the research for this post helped clarify how we should market our own social media strategies to students and ideas to more effectively engage our readers!

10) Cultivating Cultures of Inclusivity on Campus

Written by Kayley Robsham of Presence


Inclusivity seemed to be a hot topic this year on the inter-webs after saddening news reports from the U.S. and all over the world. Earlier this year, Kayley and Lindsay were appointed Inclusion Strategists for Presence and were curious how institutions implemented best diversity and inclusion practices with students. We pulled ideas from the University of Rhode Island, Alma College, and Macalester College who showcased great programs or resources on their campuses to create supportive environments for students. We’re hoping to mirror some of the great work professionals are doing at campuses and can’t wait to catch up with them next year!


11) How Campus Life Influences a Student’s Decision When Selecting an Institution

Written by Kayley Robsham of Presence


Kayley interviewed Meg Walker, former student leader and Campus Outreach Coordinator, about her experience forming early connections and her own identity at an institution. From navigating university wellness and resource centers to understanding how welcoming offices are via a institution’s website (and how often they update them) – it’s important to understand how professionals communicate priorities and how students perceive them. Our favorite part of this post is hearing from Meg on her unique experiences and how they shaped her to become the person she is today.

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