Announcing Presence’s New Chief Technology Officer: Thomas Green III

We here at Presence work to disrupt and improve the EdTech industry, designing leading-edge technology to solve the toughest challenges faced by today’s colleges and universities. 

We’ve revolutionized new ways for co-curricular engagement to enhance student learning. We love seeing the results our world-class technology has, powering our campus partners to increase retention so that more students graduate and have their outside-of-classroom experiences and learning to thank. We’re proud of building a team that thrives at utilizing our unique talents and problem-solving skills to meet this shared vision. 

In order for the solutions that we build to be superior among the industry, we need our team to include talented tech experts. On top of that, we need a visionary leader guiding the expert software programmers who design and maintain our trailblazing software. 

Today, we’re welcoming one such visionary — our new Chief Technology Officer:  Thomas Green III.  Though he’s new to Presence, Thomas is no stranger to scaling up tech teams. As a senior team leader across multiple industries — from homebuilding groups to media publishers and even EA Sports, AAA, and Disney — he’s been leading companies as they break barriers and thrive for over 25 years. 

Thomas Green III

Thomas was even a Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft! He led a team of more than 340 IT professionals in supporting Texas Microsoft Premier Customers with e-commerce and cloud — which included delivering high-value solutions to colleges and universities facing extensive challenges.

“Thomas is bringing a set of exceptional skills and experiences from some of the world’s most cutting-edge brands. He has successfully led teams of 3 to more than 300 and knows how to effectively scale them as companies grow. I’m beyond excited for our customers to see how Thomas is going to elevate Presence to the next level.” — Reuben Pressman, Presence Founder & CEO

Thomas understands that educational challenges don’t come with quick, one-time fixes. He knows that supporting today’s college students through an ever-changing world requires bold, proactive decisions and constant vigilance to future-proof solutions. 

Thomas’s experience in leading large teams through the fast-moving tech world has made him ready to venture through this challenge. He has the knowledge, the vision, and the enthusiasm to lead our team through remarkable growth. As Presence continues to expand its reach — empowering more and more diverse, ambitious institutions of higher education to better engage students outside of the classroom — he’s ready to roll up his sleeves, take out his keyboard, and get to work.

Presence is attempting to do something that others are not. Presence is attempting to change the landscape of student education by empowering the administration to tap into point-in-time data that will tell them what activities and events sponsored by the campus have the most meaning in the day-to-day journey of the learner. The ability to participate in that endeavor is life-changing.” — Thomas Green III 

Our computer programmers aren’t the only ones who should be pumped to have Thomas on board; our hundreds of campus partners will also directly reap the rewards of his leadership! From infrastructure to strategy, processes, and software engineering, this former Microsoft leader will oversee every aspect of how the Presence product is built moving forward. 

“Our partner institutions can expect significant upgrades to the product in every direction that will reflect our growth as a company. I’m confident that Thomas is going to push Presence even further as the industry’s leading platform for engaging, retaining, and developing students.” —Reuben Pressman, Presence Founder & CEO 

We’re also ready for Thomas to challenge the status quo and guide us toward re-engineering processes, and re-architect solutions to continue to maximize security, reliability, scalability, and supportability. Or, in layman’s terms, he’ll make the product even better than ever before — amping up its speed, increasing its accessibility, and simply maintaining it as the most reliable engagement solution out there. 

All of these innovations will be in direct response to the challenges faced by student affairs professionals today or anticipated for the near future. Thomas cannot wait to hear feedback from our campus partners, then build the tech of their engagement dreams!

“Education technology has several untapped data points that I believe will be uncovered in the next three-to-five years. I believe that the way education is presented to each student will continue to evolve and students will have more of a say in shaping their educational experience. Presence is on the leading edge of utilizing some of the untapped data and has the potential to establish analytics that would leave all other contenders in the dust.” — Thomas Green III

Like Presence itself, Thomas is a proud Floridan. He began his higher education journey at Seminole State College and graduated from The University of Florida. He served in the United States Navy for six years as a senior petty officer in the Special Warfare Group before launching his tech career — starting right off leading teams and managing ambitious projects. 

Now, with Presence, Thomas is excited about leading a team that’s not just supporting higher education as is, but working to improve it and expand what’s possible for colleges and universities in the twenty-first century.

He knows that education is on the cusp of incredible change, and he’s ready to steer Presence on its path within that. Yet, he also knows that he won’t do all the work on his own. The pre-existing Presence team is brimming with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. 

The enthusiasm I have seen since engaging with the members of Presence is awe-inspiring. [CEO and Founder] Reuben Pressman has garnered an ability to get his team past the hurdles and affect an almost sticky positivity. While I have built teams that will follow me through fire, this is truly something I feel can take my team building to the next level.” — Thomas Green III

We’re delighted to have Thomas on board! His keen sense of humor and innate optimism has already added an extra dose of brightness to our work. Now, we’re ready for him to lead us further into the technological future. 

To learn more about Thomas Green III, including his jet-skiing skills and home construction, dreams, check out our recent interview here.

Jodi Tandet

About the author: Jodi Tandet loves writing about the complexities of campus life as the Lead Storyteller at Presence. She's also passionate about making homemade ice cream, forging peace agreements between her calico cat and lab/dachshund mix, and listening to a debatably unhealthy number of podcasts. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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