28 Heartfelt Thank Yous from the Team at Presence

The temperature at Presence’s St. Petersburg, FL HQ is dropping into the brisk mid-60s.

anna cold cold cold cold

That’s pretty cold for Florida, okay? But even with this frigid weather, it’s pretty easy to stay warm. That’s because it’s the time of year when our entire team gets sentimental about what they’re thankful for.

Squirtle high five hug

As a company, we’ve grown exponentially since last year. We’ve had our share of highs and lows, and through all of that, we’ve continued to deliver cutting-edge engagement solutions to higher education institutions across the globe.

That wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support of all of our campus partners. We want to say a very special “thank you” to those of you who are partnered up with us. You rock! We wish we could be sitting around a literal Thanksgiving table with you this year, but we can’t. So we’re putting this post out into the world as an internet-based Thanksgiving table, and we asked our team to share what they were thankful for this year.

In no particular order, here is what they said:

1. Zack Holloway — Backend Engineer

Zack Thankful Blog Post

2. Travis Gibler — Happiness Expert

Travis Thankful Blog Post

3. Sara Friend — Content Marketing Intern

Sara Thankful Blog Post

4. Quinton Staples — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Quinton Thankful Blog Post

5. Natalie Emerson — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Natalie Thankful Blog Post

6. Mike Janofsky — Director of Happiness

Mike Thankful Blog Post

7. Meghan Hakey — Engagement Specialist

Meghan Thankful Blog

8. Jeff Lafay — Integrations Engineer

Jeff Thankful Blog Post

9. Mark Schimmel — Engagement Specialist

Mark Thankful Blog Post

10. Luke Burton — Community Engagement Manager

Luke Thankful Blog Post

11. Justin Fries — Full Stack Developer

Justin Thankful Blog Post

12. Jonathan Boyd — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Jonathan Thankful Blog Post

13. Meg Sunga — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Meg Thankful Blog Post

14. Jacob Crescent — Software Developer

Jacob Thankful Blog Post

15. Holly Kickliter — Chief Happiness Officer

Holly Thankful Blog Post

16. Andy Gould — VP of Campus Development

Andy G Thankful Blog Post

17. Dustin Pankow — Director of Opportunities

Dustin Thankful Blog Post

18. Devin Alexander — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Devin Thankful Blog Post

19. Cody Flowers — Happiness Expert

Cody Thankful Blog Post

20. Cassandra Corrado — Director of Marketing

Cassandra Thankful Blog

21. Carolina Elizalde — Happiness Ally

Carolina Thankful Blog Post

22. Brittany Mijatovic — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Brittany Thankful Blog Post

23. Franklin Alves — Happiness Expert

Franklin Thankful Blog Post

24. Andy Angstadt — Campus Outreach Coordinator

Andy A Thankful Blog Post

25. Alex Pearson — Happiness Expert

Alex Thankful Blogpost

26. Alan Devos — Chief Technology Officer

Alan Thankful Blog Post

27. A.J. Guedouar — Engagement Specialist

AJ Thankful Blog Post

28. Reuben Pressman — Founder & CEO

Reuben P Thankful Blog

We hope that wherever you are this Thanksgiving, you find time to give thanks to the awesome people and things in your life.

And before we go, I have one last thank you. Thanks to Sara Friend, our Content Marketing Intern, for putting together all these images!

PS — If you’re looking to for a new adventure in 2019, check out our open roles. We’re hiring in every department. 

Luke Burton

About the author: Originally hailing from across the pond, Luke is the Community Engagement Manager at Presence. He's passionate about storytelling and cross-stitch. Learn how we can help get your students involved.

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