Make Dreams Come True!

Presence is the campus engagement platform for institutions that insist on providing world-class student opportunities to learn and succeed.

Simplify & automate processes

Digitize student involvement workflows in a central location to save time and empower student leaders.

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Engage more students

Collect data to better understand and affect student participation. Advertise through modern web tools.

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Assess & retain students

Make data-driven decisions to improve student life by analyzing verified involvement data in real-time.

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Empower & measure learning

Design, build, and map learning outcomes to experiences and gamify involvement with our SmartTranscript.

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Built for the Students and Staff of Today

Presence Powers Experiences for the World’s Leading Institutions

Benefits For Everyone

Student Affairs Officers

Grow and perfect your Co-Curricular culture. Increase process efficiency and drive retention with advanced technology.

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Student Involvement Staff

Improve student involvement opportunities with scalable tools to save time, resources, and increase student engagement.

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Student Leaders

Drive more interest from students, improve operations, and gain deeper insights into involvement by using modern software.

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“Data and analytics from Presence help us identify actionable ways to increase student engagement, success, and ultimately retention”

Jennifer Beatie, Dean of Students Tulsa Community College

More than Software

Clever Interface

Beautiful, friendly, and intuitive design makes learning and using the Presence Platform, well, pleasant.

Simple Onboarding

Comprehensive rollout management means we handle the hard stuff, you get ready to increase student engagement.

Delightful Service

Industry-trained, dedicated Happiness Experts help your staff and students get the best Presence experience.

Access Anywhere

Cloud-hosted, always on, and web accessible, you can count on Presence being there for you.

Get In Touch With Our Team

The best way to learn more is to talk with us. Learn how we’ll work together to solve the toughest issues on campus by helping to simplify, understand, and increase student engagement.

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  • Consultative Phone Call
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